Squeaky Wheels supports cyclist who get to work to and from Bainbridge Island.

Several tips to Seattle commuting, where it rains sometimes:

  • Dress for the temperature and amount of rain
    • Light clothes for warm weather, over dressing makes you sticky and wet,
    • Rain gear, booties, helmet cover, eye protection at different levels for the time of year.  sometimes it is shorts and bright color t-shirt weather, and sometimes it is reflective rain gear, watch the weather and stay comfortable.
    • Bring dry clothes for the office, or stash them at the beginning of the week.
  • Get the gear in order
    • A bike takes the rainy gritty abuse of commuting in the city, so you want something that will last.  Disc brakes are a bit heavier, but are a sure way to stop, and after wearing through several rear rims, I think they are great for this area.
    • A rack – lets you carry your stuff in Panniers and keep the weight low and off of your back.  A backpack is more aerodynamic, but can leave a wet spot on your back.  Water-Proof is the best way to keep peace of mind.
    • Tires, knobby tires will slow you down, racing tires will go flat, many commuting tires are also sold as touring tires.  Talk to your friends, and the bike shops about what may work for you.
    • Fenders keep you dry, and mud flaps keep the cyclist behind you dry as well.
  • Find your route
    • Ride safe, it is best to be where cars and trucks would expect to see bicycles.
    • Google Map – bike routes are good in the city
    • Friends, neighbors and fellow commuters can show you the way.

Here is a video of couple of commute rides for example: