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What We Do:

Educated Our Community

  • Taught safe cycling at the high school with the PE classes.
  • Taught beginning cycling classes through the Park District
  • Spoke before civic groups and boards
  • Wrote and published safety flyer for the Washington State Patrol about safe ferry exiting
  • Published The Walking and Cycling Guide to Bainbridge Island  with the help of the city
  • Worked with Bainbridge Review to run safety ads educating cyclists and motorists about state laws
  • Gave out Bike Safety awards to students at a pasta dinner staged for five years
  • Worked with the Police to get out safety information
  • Collaborate with the city’s Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Promoted the creation of a bicycle-WSF liaison committee

Sponsored and Supported Community Events

  • Brought biggest ever Bike to Work and School Day to Bainbridge schools and ferry
  • With our partners at Cascade Bicycle Club, we helped turn out over 2,000 riders on the island in 2010.
  • Publicized bikes and safety at Harvest Fair and Islandwood
  • Joined with BIAHC to promote Bike the Bloom
  • Created ferry schedules with bicycle events calendar
  • Stage the annual (and unique) Bike for Pie event
  • Handed out free bike lights with grant from state

Promoted Fun Through Bicycling

  • Met with the B.I. Trails committee and Sakai to expand the Bucsit-Wardwell Trail
  • Updated, printed and distributed 20,000 bike maps
  • Worked with the Land Trust to promote a safe path to Pritchard Park
  • Were awarded Bronze Award as Bike Friendly city by League of American Bicyclists
  • Networked with other Bicycle Educators and the Bike Alliance of Washington in Olympia
  • Sponsored design contest at UW for ferry bike storage racks

Supported Legislative Action and Development of Community Infrastructure

  • Helped the Non-Motorized Plan pass the City Council
  • Bought 20 bike racks with a City grant (e.g., City Hall, the pool, the Commons, Winslow Mall.)
  • Testified at Legislative hearings in Olympia promoting safe biking laws
  • Promoted to the City that we must fix our Dangerous 5 roadways first


Squeaky Wheels uses membership fees and other donations for educational programs and events including Bike to Work and School Day, Safe Routes to Schools, and bicycle safety classes. We sponsor rides, publicity for safer roads, safety advertisements, other bicycle groups, and we promote public policies leading to safer roads and educated users. Membership fees also support utilities, rent, postage and newsletters. Here are some of the things we have accomplished in recent years.

Thank you for helping us with these efforts by becoming a member!