Ferry Alert: Loading Procedures at Terminals with Overhead Passenger Walkways

From: Washington State Ferries [mailto:WSFAlert@wsdot.wa.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 12:41 PM
Subject: Ferry Alert: Loading Procedures at Terminals with Overhead Passenger Walkways

The following alert is a correction to a previous alert sent Friday, June 23 about procedural changes at terminals with overhead passenger loading:

In an effort to promote consistent boarding procedures and to align the timing of passenger and vehicle/bicycle loads, WSF updated procedures at those terminals where walk-on passengers board via overhead walkways.  The intent of the change is to synchronize the raising of the overhead walkway off the vessel at the same time as the vehicle-loading ramp, not to prohibit loading at 2-minutes prior to departure.

What has not changed: 2-minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, the vessel master will notify terminal and deck personnel to begin departure protocols.

New procedure: After a vessel’s 2-minute warning announcement, WSF will continue to load passengers, vehicles, and bicycles until there is verbal confirmation to the master that there are no more passengers coming through the turnstile or loading doors. In the past, vehicles and bicycles were stopped before the passenger turnstiles locked, even though walk-on passengers were still making their way through the overhead loading chute.  The new policy allows vehicles and bicycles to load longer, not being stopped until all walk-ons are on board.

This alert was sent on 6/28/2017 at 12:38PM to subscribers of the following routes:
Anacortes / Sidney B.C. (Victoria)
Anacortes / San Juan Islands
Edmonds / Kingston
Seattle / Bainbridge Island
Seattle / Bremerton

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